About VDTec
We manage by our business values to provide a
safe,productive,fulfiling work environnement for


Legendary service for customers, enhanced values for
shareholders, and mutually beneficial outcomes for the
stake holders. We are committed to stability and
effective strategic growth.


We are reconised for leadership in our company and
by those we serve.
We are a successful company that provides
superior products and services that customer


We will maintain a high level of ethics ,teamwork
and profesionalism,while demonstrating a caring
attitude towards employees and customers
By doing the right thing, being honest, showing integrity, being consistent, providing fair treatment
By consistently achieving targeted goals
Achieving established goals and objectives
By continually getting better
Exceeding established goals and objectives
Developing superior skills and abilities
Demonstrating a caring attitude
Sharing a mutual desire to succeed
Acknowledging our previous accomplishments
By pursuing strategic opportunities
Being creative
Initiative change

Mrs Veronique Lock Mi Kam

Mobile 5 421 1734

Email : veronique.lock@vdtec.net


Technical Director

Mr Didier Lebon

Mobile 5 421 1732

Email: didier.lebon@vdtec.net


After Sales Manager

Mr Arshad Sheik Dawood

Mobile: 5 421 1735

Email: support@vdtec.net