CLM – Card Lamination Module

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CLM - Card Lamination Module
The Ideal Module for Laminating and Protecting Your Cards
Protect your cards up to 10 years
The CLM is the ideal module to laminate ID cards. The cards made can be used for up to 10 years and are extremely difficult to forge. Two issuance modes to choose to laminate your cards
Associated with the Primacy card printer
Developed by Evolis, the CLM (Card Lamination Module) is associated with the Evolis Primacy printer and is an all-in-one system for printing, encoding, and laminating cards that need to be secure and/or protected. Learn more about the all-in-one lamination system: Primacy Lamination card printer In standalone mode
The CLM can also operate in standalone mode and with card-to-card insertion. You can secure and/or protect cards préviously printed in D2T2 with any printing system. The CLM is a versatile offer to target applications like: Secure employee badges,
Driver's licenses,
Resident cards,
Military or police ID badges,
Airport access control badges,
Social security cards.


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MacOS Driver


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