EE-153R Electronic Shelf Label

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EE-153R Electronic Shelf Label
1.5 Inch Electronic Shelf Label
Opticon introduces the EE-153R, a high resolution, fully graphic 1.5 inch e-paper display. Its small size is convenient for peg hook application and single item displays on a shelf rack. The EE-153R uses black, white, and red e-ink display to attract the attention of customers. With a one-time installation, Opticon’s ESL tags allow managers to allocate best sales tactics instantly to targeted products, growing margins and reducing manual labor time. The EE-153R uses E-ink technology only consuming power during a display update using Zigbee radio transmission. Based on a poll time of 20 seconds and two updates per-day, Opticon ensures a 5 year battery life eliminating the need for yearly physical maintenance. Product highlights include: Key metrics: 1.54 inch, 152 x 152 pixels (WxH), black, white and red resolution, 8:1 contrast ratio and 140 DPI
Dimensions: 1.90`` x 1.66`` x 0.45`` (WxHxD) and weight: 0.79 ounces (including batteries)
Bi-Stable display, so the image will remain on the display even after power is disconnected
Display can be remotely updated via bidirectional communication using a 2.4 GHz wireless network (IEEE 802.15.4)


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