EMKA Control Cockpit, extension for 48 further systems (control unit) 3000-U68-104

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EMKA Control Cockpit, extension for 48 further systems (control unit) 3000-U68-104
Product information
The database driven EMKA Control Cockpit software manages the access rights.
It logs and documents all accesses to server racks.
The measured values of sensors are recorded completely and monitored with respect to limit value violations.
The software is integrated into superordinate systems via SQL interface. Larger IT systems are commonly controlled via several different rack management systems. This might be necessary due to the great number of server racks or the distribution across several rooms or locations.
Such systems are often linked to higher-level control or management systems.
In this case central operation, control and configuration are of vital importance. User management
■ simple adding of users and assignment of user groups
■ individual granting of rights and personal PIN codes System management
■ administration of up to 50 rack management systems with connected components such as handles, sensors or card readers
■ basic functions:
• reading of RFID cards
• allocation of rights for RFID cards with arbitrary assignment
• allocation of access rights for locking systems
• assignment to rack groups
• setting of limit values for sensors and activation of alarms Real-time monitoring
■ convenient opening of the handles after entering a PIN code
■ comprehensive control and monitoring functions
■ display of alarm states of handles or sensors by colour change
■ comprehensive filter functions for displaying the most important information Configurable screen views
■ individual design of the screen views in different windows Measured value storage
■ monitoring and registration of the temperature values for determination of the thermal load
■ graphic diagram display of the measured value progression of historic or current data in freely definable time frames
■ simple storage or print out of the diagrams with the export function Logging and analysis
■ archiving of the events of all connected systems in one common database
■ creation of customer-specific reports with comprehensive filter and export functions Remote access
■ installation of the Software in any number of locations
■ access to central database as client
■ encrypted data transfer within the network Integration in third-party systems
■ open database structure enables the simple integration into superordinate systems via SQL interface


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